June 13, 2012 @ 10:36 AM

So we are at the dog class on Monday night at Reid Park.  Well I am not sure you can really call it a class since only three people and dogs showed up for the class.......but we had fun anyway.  So of the dogs that were there, we had Sage.  Now Sage is one of the cutest little dogs with the biggest attitude EVER.  She actually reminds me a lot of Hamlet.  I also kid her because she looks just like those little wooden bears that people sell on the side of the road.  As soon as I figure out how to add pictures, I will have to take one and put it on here.  You will know exactly what I am talking about when you see it. 

Anyway, Sage is now what I refer to as the class bully.  She doesn't like to see anyone else having fun if her mom is making her work and she will make sure she tells you about it.  I think I am going to try to do a U-Tube video of the "class bully" and put in on line as well.  She is just so funny.  The way she makes the other dogs stay alert  (Because they want to make sure she is not coming after them) is soooooo funny.  She kept Laney and Gunner on their toes all night long.  I'm not sure, but I think Gunner is going to have night mares.  Poor big guy.

Okay then  we have Laney.  She is absolutely the best Lab ever.  She is actually one of the biggest Labs I have ever seen but she has a spunky personality and is quite easily a comedian.  She is also earning the nickname "toddler rules."  You know what I am talking about right?  You know if it's mine, it's mine. If it's yours, it's mine.  If I appear to be done playing with it and you decide you are interested in it, then I clearly wasn't done with it and it is still mine and so on and so on.....Well Laney is working with her daddy and he is trying to keep her focused and then over at the other jump, Gunner's dad throws the dumb bell for Gunner to go get and wouldn't you know it Laney decides that she wants it and goes and grabs it before Gunner even knew what happened.  And believe me when I tell you Laney was damm proud of herself.  I warned that we could be in trouble if Laney is showing in Novice and someone throws a dumb bell in Open right next door.  Laney might just be tempted to go and get it.  I promised not to laugh if I saw that happen at a show, but I can guarantee you I will have to run to my car extra fast to break out in laughter.   Thank goodness Laney only needs one more leg to get her Novice title and then we won't have to worry about it.

Well it had been awhile since I blogged and I really felt like this would put a smile on your face if you read it, so I hope I achieved that if nothing else.    I look forward to reading your comments on the class.

Happy paws and drooling jaws,

Joyce Chapman, Instructor