November 15, 2016 @ 7:30 PM

      We successfully had our CGC Testing (Monday, November 14, 2016) at Reid Park. I believe we had 9 dogs go through the testing. I could be wrong, I lost track after the first few.  It was quite fun and pretty exciting.  We only had one dog not qualify but that's  okay because it was a very young dog and the dog was very recently rescued.  It came a long way in a very short time.  It wasn't even that cold as far as November goes in Tucson.  I remember much colder nights in past November classes.  I know there are many others who wanted to be there but couldn't.  Rest assured we will have more opportunities in 2017.  Although those dates are not up on the website yet, they will be as soon as we can figure out when to offer one.

      We would like to thank all our students for your support and look forward to seeing you at future classes.  Until then, we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season. 

Happy Paws and Drooling Jaws,

Joyce Chapman, Instructor